Recent Commissions, including National Health Service and Amenity projects.

Vegetable patch online design with a washing line and some growing vegetables.
Welsh flower bed designed remotely with a view of a mountain.
White flowers as part of a recent online garden project for a planting area.
Summer planting area with a small pond and colourful flower heads.
Rocky flower arrangement designed online for a client.
Blue door in a recently designed walled garden.
wooden sleepers in a patio area that was designed online by our team
Flower bed with purple and pink flowers in bloom.
landscaped steps and wall
A wooden seating area created by our online garden design services.
Wooden seating area with a newly laid turf area.
Fern and rock garden design display
Two deck chairs in a garden that was designed online by Caroline.
Pink fox gloves in a lush green outside space.
Green grass with a pond and a well landscaped seating area behind.
Planting garden display designed online.
Pond in a garden with a seating area.
Green plant arrangement next to a stream.
Flower display for our Online Garden Designs gallery
Circular garden wall and patio design.
Patio area with a well maintained lawn and a wooden seating area.
Online garden design showing a planting area with a sundial in the middle.
green and purple plants in a well designed planting area
Meadow garden of grass and pink flowers.
Courtyard professionally designed online by Online Garden Designs.
Landscaped lawn with a circular patio and planting flowerbed
Landscaped patio and garden wall.
Waterside planting area with a pond and flowers.

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